About Cover Me Baby

A multi-use baby cover designed and made by mums

Because mums are superheroes

Cover Me Baby covers were born from the realisation that we carry far too much stuff in our changing bags, and the desire to do something about it. As a busy mum of three I want to design genuinely useful baby products so we carry less, cover more.

Hands up who has taken their child out of the buggy and watched it tip over with the weight of the bulging changing bag you hooked precariously on the handle bars?

We buy so many baby products which either serve such a narrow function that we only use them occasionally or that we have to carry several items to get through the day. Half the time these products just add to the chaos which surrounds us parents – and there are so many of them!

As mums we learn all the time what works and what doesn’t. I want to design and sell products which are actually useful as well as being smart, stylish and fun. Starting with a multi-use baby cover, I hope to bring to you a new world of genuinely useful baby products. Being a mum is both the best and the hardest job in the world. I hope Cover Me Baby will make life just a little simpler.

Harriet X