5 Products in 1: The Multi-Use Breastfeeding Cover

Our Story

The ‘Cover Me’ is the UK’s first multi-use baby cover; created following years of personal frustration at the many items parents have to carry and the lack of products that have multiple uses.

In 2016, whilst living in the US, I noticed a number of women using breastfeeding covers as car seat covers and was intrigued by the multi-use ability of the product. On my return to the UK and shortly after the birth of my third child, I tried to find the product I had seen in the US.

Despite significant research I drew a blank, there was nothing on the market in the UK that had the multi-use ability I was after in the range of different designs I desired. Driven by the need to find a solution not only for myself but other parents too, I decided that the only option was to create the product myself, and so in late 2018 Cover Me Baby was born!


So what exactly is a Multi-Use Cover?

Our multi-use cover is 5 products in 1 and can be used for a range of baby admin tasks; replacing the need to carry several items; saving you time, space and money.

The cover is…

– A breastfeeding cover, providing 360 degree coverage for discrete breast feeding and expressing in public

-A cover for a shopping trolley to catch snacks and toys and prevent your little from chewing the trolley handle.

-A cover for a public high chair or changing mat, to protect from germs

-A safe cover for the car seat at nap times and protection from bad weather or unwanted touch.

-A simple light-weight blanket or burp cloth.

Why should you buy our cover?



We get it, there are lots of baby products on the market and it can be difficut to decide what to buy and which products will be genuinely useful. Here are some reason why our cover is a changing bag essential:


– All our covers are made in the UK from super soft Oeko-Tex certified cotton (meaning there are no nasty chemical used in the dying process making them safe for you and baby)


-The covers are designed by myself a mum of three, so you are supporting a small mum run business (and by the time you get to your third child you know which baby products are ‘gamechangers’!)


-All our Covers met General Products Safety Regulations (2005) (meaning they adhere to a set or rules, regulations and checks to ensure they are safe to use with your baby).


-Our covers come in a range of beautiful designs and throughout the year we release a range of limited edition designs so you can buy something a little bit different and unique.


-All our covers come with an internal storage pocket so you pack it away quickly and easily.


– Our covers can be used from birth to 3 years and because they are 5 products in 1 they save you time, space and money!!