Breastfeeding and Tea


In my opinion, breastfeeding is one of the most amazing and rewarding, but also challenging and HARD things that a woman can do.  I certainly underestimated how tricky I would find it before I had children. And whilst I breastfed my daughter until she was 2, the first 3 months of that journey were not easy.  I cried a lot.  Really – a lot.

And it was this experience that inspired me to make a tea blend to support women on their breastfeeding journey.  I had worked as a tea taster for over 13 years when I had my daughter, and I had actually completed a masters degree in Tea Science at the University of Agriculture and Forestry in Fujian, China.  However, I had never thought to look at how tea could support milk production, until I went through establishing breastfeeding and worrying about my own milk supply.

The first thing I realised, was that the number one thing you can do to increase your milk supply, is to express milk and feed your baby as much as possible.However, after this, looking after your body and staying hydrated, and eating nutrients to stay energised and healthy is key.  And I realised that tea can play a part in this.

There are certain natural herbs that have traditionally been used for millennia to support milk supply.  These are known as ‘galacatagogues’.Fenugreek in particular, has the most research done into its effectiveness.  And it has been shown in research to increase both the volume of milk produced, and the fat content of milk.

Alongside this, fennel, anise and nettle have also all been used to help women.  Whilst there is no hard scientific evidence on their efficacy, there is a substantial amount of anecdotal evidence. And most importantly, these herbs are completely safe for breastfeeding mothers.

So I set about making a blend that would use these natural ingredients, to create a delicious and wholesome blend, to support women in staying hydrated and nourishing themselves while breastfeeding. Milk’s Up does just this, and even won the UK Baby Awards ‘Best Maternity Product’ in 2019. 

I hope it can help women, who may find themselves struggling with their breastfeeding journey, just as it did me.



This blog was written by Bethan,Co-founder of HotTea Mama www.hotteamama.comBethan is a world expert on tea, and set up HotTea Mama to create award winning, functional tea blends to support women through life changing moments.  From pregnancy and breastfeeding, to the menopause.

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