Different ways to use your multi-use cover

Our award winning multi-use covers are 5 products in one; making them a changing bag essential!

With three children I know only too well the daily struggle of carrying a bulging changing bag full of all the items you need to survive a journey out of the house. After my third child though, I was desperate to find a way to reduce the amount we carried and longed for one product that could perform multiple roles saving me space in my changing bag and making my life just that little bit easier! 

So in 2018 I designed a multi-use baby cover. One cover that I could pop into my changing bag and use for a range of baby admin tasks.

We say it's 5 baby products in one but the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the wonderfully clever things you can do with our multi-use cover:

Use #1 A cover for breastfeeding and expressing in public

Breastfeeding is wonderful but the early days it can be difficult and frustrating as you both learn this new skill. The first time you have to breastfeed in public can feel scary and daunting. Our covers provide you with 360 degree coverage so you can adjust your clothing, apply nipples shields, sort your latch and manage a strong let down without an audience. (They are also great for feeding older children who are getting a bit nosey and keep pulling away and exposing your boobs to the world and breastfeeding in the park on chilly days.)

Use #2 A cover for a shopping trolley and a high chair

Now more than ever we need to protect our little ones from germ when we are out and about. Our covers can be used to cover shopping trolleys and highchairs so they don't come into contact with harmful germs and chemicals. Simply place the cover over the trolley or the high chair and pop your little one through the head hole. When you are done you can tuck the cover away into it's internal pocket and pop it in the wash when you get home.

Use # 3 A safe cover for the car seat/pushchair

Our covers can be placed safely over a car seat or pushchair hood to protect your little ones from bad weather, unwanted touch and to encourage nap times on the go. The cover fits perfectly over all car seats and pushchair hoods to safely cacoon your baby whilst still allowing you to see them and for air to circulate. Whether you get caught out and about without the rain cover or you're trying to extend nap time our covers are the perfect pushchair accessory

Placing the cover on the car seat or pushchair hood also provides a barrier preventing people from reaching in to touch your baby or disturbing nap time. 


Use #4 A simple light-weight blanket or burp cloth.

Made in the UK from a lightweight cotton fabric you can use our covers as a simple light-weight blanket. Sometimes you go out and it's a bit chilly and you just need that extra layer to keep them warm and snug. It also makes a beautiful burp cloth! Either leave the cover on after breastfeeding your baby or pop it over one shoulder to save you clothes from delightful little patches of baby sick.

Use #5 and beyond

Since launching out covers two years ago we still get customers contacting us showing new and novel ways to use our covers. 

  • An extra layer when wearing a sling
  • A cover for a swing
  • An overall for messy play
  • A changing mat cover
  • A cover for a bouncy chair
  • And my most favourite... a skirt! For when you go out in your jeans and it's too hot 🤣