How to buy and sell beautiful pre-loved baby items

After a fantastic live this week with Laura from The Trendy Thrift Shop for kids. We Asked Laura a few questions about her wonderful business to pop on our blog

Where did your idea for a Kid's thrift shop come from?

The Trendy Thrift Shop for kids was an idea that I had when I was pregnant with my first baby but it has taken two years and another baby for me to put it into action. 

When I was expecting I was really fortunate to be given lots of essential baby equipment and clothes from friends that were passed on in immaculate condition. I found myself thinking wouldn’t it be great to have a community that embraced the same ethos. 

When I was looking on the various websites and marketplace’s available for secondhand clothing none appealed to me and I wanted to create somewhere that people will take care and value the items they want to buy and sell. 

I felt that I wanted to create a community of like minded people who wanted to buy and sell second hand and offer a one stop shop from pregnancy, baby items/essentials, clothes and toys. 

What does your business offer to parents?

I offer a Declutter service so I am happy to do all the hard work for you. You pack up all your unwanted baby stuff, post to me and I will review the items and offer a price based on the quality, brand and quantity of items. If it is not suitable for the website it will be passed to charity. You can find all the details about where to send your items at

What about if I only have a few items to sell?

If you only have a few items and you are happy to photograph and upload them yourself then the 'Share on a Sunday' feature is perfect for you. Come and join our facebook community at ‘Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids post your items on Sunday and you can chat directly with people that want to buy your product.

How do I buy preloved clothing or baby items?

You can either join out facebook group Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids’ and use the Wishlist Wednesday to ask the community for items you are interested or browse the items shared Share on Sunday. There are also items for sale on our website at