How to work in collaboration with a small brand






Following on from our Instagram Live on Tuesday with Jeanie from The Gilded Bird, I wanted to create a blog to help mums who want to work in collaboration with smaller brands.

A true collaboration is a two way thing and larger brands work in a different way to small brands. Larger brands can give away loads of their products for free in return for a tagged post on your grid or stories. However smaller brands don't have big marketing budgets and we can't simply flood the market with our products. Well we could but we would run out of money very quickly!

With a real explosion of online baby brands, mum influencers on social media and people spending more time online we have seen a real increase in individuals asking to work with our brands on collaborations.

Whilst the interest is lovely here are some top tips for how to approach us for a meaningful and mutually beneficial collaboration.


5 Top tips for working with a small brand

1. Start engaging with a brand before you ask for their product. Like and comment in their posts, share their content and respond to their stories.

2. Follow the brand. This might seem obvious but you would be surprised how many people contact us and when we go on to look at their profile they don't follow our social media accounts.

3. Be specific about what you like about our brands and what you would like from us. Do a little research into what you like about our brand, our values and what we stand for? Know our names (all our websites have a 'About us' section where you can find out about us and our story). Take a look at our product range and tell us which product or design you like and why you would like it.

4. Make sure our product aligns with you. Our products aren't for everyone and so ask yourself if you genuinely like our product and whether it fits with you and your lifestyle. Are you environmentally conscious? Do you like supporting small brands? Does your child have a specific need that requires our product? Is our product appropriate for the developmental stage of your child?

5. Tell us what you can do for us? Do you create great flat lays? Do you love making videos or reels do you have a beautiful nursery to showcase our product? Do you like to go out and about and could provide great lifestyle shots for us. The more we know about you the more we can work together with you.

The benefits of working with a small brand

Working with a smaller brand is highly rewarding. You get to develop a personal relationship with the face behind the brand and done well they can lead to a long lasting relationship where you support each other and help each other grow.

Many small business owners talk to each other so if you start working with one small business and it goes well they will tell other small businesses about you too and this will help you to grow and expand your account and following.

When you work with a small brand you are supporting small business, a dream, a passion and a story. Every purchase makes us do a happy dance.

Don't just take our word for it here are some tips and tricks from one of our recent mum influencers.

Thought from a mummy influencer

'Everyone wants to work with the ‘well known’ brands. But what about the smaller companies? The ones no one has heard of or thinks of. The ones that are just starting up or running a business on the side.

Now I’ve worked with many big brands, and I’ve loved working with them! But some of my favourite brands are those small, start up companies.

Why? Because of the personal side, you get to actually build a meaningful, (in some cases, long lasting) relationship. These are people, not a full office, some just a 1 person shop running from their home. Every time they get an order, they do a happy dance, which makes me happy dance back!

I’ve influenced for companies where the social media teams don’t even talk to the influencing recruiters, no one knows what’s going on, let alone who you are!

Those small companies remember you, follow you, recognise your baby on other pages. (Yes one company actually spotted Molly on My first years and sent it to me!) You aren’t just another head count to them, you are their influencer.
They can’t recruit thousands of influencers, so when they choose to work with you, it’s very fulfilling.

I’ve built the most amazing relationships with small companies. It makes my day knowing I’ve made their day, or when I get a really excited message from them thanking me for my post, when they get orders through my advertising or when they use my photos on their websites.

One company I worked with as a simple one off collab I now can choose whatever I want, whenever I want, from their website, for free, to advertise!
Another company I applied to be a brand rep and now they have hired me to do all their photography!
Another I was doing a collab with and now I run their ambassadors programme!

All these doors opened for me working with small brands. Opening doors for each other.

So next time you want to influence for a company, ask yourself, WHY.'

Teegan Miller

The Photographer Mama