Top Teething Tips

Teething….what is that all about?! Some babies really suffer, others don’t seem to be affected by it at all. But for those babies who do find teething particularly painful it can be a really stressful time; from sleepless nights and rosy cheeks to nappy rash and constant dribble. And let’s face it they have a lot of teeth so sometimes it can feel like they are constantly teething.

It is, like all these things, another little challenge that all us parents have to navigate through.  To try and help guide you along the way though, here are some tried and tested tips from me and other mums that might just help you and your little ones soothe those nasty gnashers.

Teethers are a great option. There are lots on the market but essentially they all do the same thing. Look for ones which are easy for your little one to hold and are easy to keep clean. Make sure you buy a few so you can have one washed and ready to go in case you lose one or get them dirty.

 Some teethers can be placed in the fridge. This is great and coolness can help to soothe babies' gums. If they are over 6 months old you can also give them chilled purees, chilled water or hard foods such a crusts, cucumber or carrot to chew on (but be aware of foods that could break off and cause choking.)

Paracetamol, Teething gels and teething powders are a good option. I always found that the teething powders seemed to work well, maybe they taste nicer. There is no hard evidence to say that the homeopathic medicine works but from experience I always thought my babies seemed calmer after using them. Always have a few in the changing bag just in case and the sachets of Paracetamol medicine are really handy so you’re not carrying the whole bottle around with you.

Keeping your baby busy is a good way to distract them from the pain. Maybe find a few toys that they haven’t seen in a while or create a little sensory basket from safe everyday items from around the home. Especially ones that you don’t mind them dribbling all over.

Teething can be particularly bad at night and so any routine that you might have had might go a bit ‘off-piste’ for a while but rest assured things will be back on track when they are feeling better.

Dribble bibs are great and stop the need for constant changes of clothes, just whip one off and pop another one on when its wet through. Be careful not to wipe their little chins too much as they can get sore. You can always use a little barrier cream to help with this too.

Try and stop them from chewing on dirty objects like keys and shopping trolley bars. A Cover Me multi-use baby cover can be used in the trolley seat to stop them from chewing on the handle bars and Yummi Keys can be used instead of real keys. Perfect!

 But most of all remember that these phases pass and before you know it they will be over and you will be dealing with the next milestone. When you are in these challenging phases they seem to last forever and  the days seem to drag. My mum used to tell me ‘it won’t last forever’ and the diagram below is proof of that smile

Keep going mama your doing a great job!