Virtual Baby Shower


Being pregnant can be difficult at the best of times but being pregnant in lockdown now that’s a whole different ball game… At Cover Me Baby we know that there will be lots of pregnant ladies out there who will be having a very different pregnancy to one that they imagined and we are thinking of you all at this difficult time.

Like everything else at the moment we are having to adapt, evolve and come up with new ways of doing things very quickly; something that mums become very good at when their new baby arrives.

One of the things you might have been planning was a baby shower. Obviously with the social distancing measures still in place, a traditional baby shower won’t be possible. But there is no need to cancel it. With a little planning, your friends and family will still be able to join you virutally for an hour or two of fun.

First of all decide how you are going to host the party. There are lots of great ways of doing this, Facetime, Zoom, House Party and Whatsapp video are all great. Send all your guests the date and time and make sure they know how to use the platform ahead of time. 

Then you need to think about the games. Some of the games you planned to play might still be possible but some might need to be adapted a bit so they can be played on line. To help you out we have put together a list of fun activites below for you or the organiser to set up ready for the big day. 


1. Guess the size of the bump

Everyone loves to see your bump when you’re pregnany (at least they wont be able to touch it uninvited at the moment!). We all like to decide if someone is having a boy or a girl and comment on how they are carrying it. So why not give them a chance to guess how big your bump is? Get everyone to right down their guess and then grab the tape measure and let them know.

2. Supermarket Sweep (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

Im sure you will have started to prepare for the baby and you’ll have a few bits already stashed away so take a few baby items and invite your guests to guess the price of each item. The closest person to the actual price wins.

3. Baby Shower Charades

Before the big day print of some baby shower charades and post or email them to your guests. Take it in turns to act out the baby related task on your charade card. The other guests have to guess what you are acting out. Click here for your FREE baby shower charades printable.

4. Guess the sweets in the jar

Choose your favouite sweet treat and fill a jar with them (remember to count them as you put them in). Show the jar to your guests for a few moments and ask them to guess how many treats are in the jar. The winner is the person closest to the real thing.


5. Guess the baby photo

Either ask you guests to send you a baby photo of themselves (if they all know each other) or find photos of celebrities as babies. You can then either set up a whatsapp or messanger group with your guests and send them the photos or print them off and hold them up. Each guest has to guess who the babies are.

At the end of the party invite all your guests to join you for a cuppa and a nice sweet treat. Happy Baby Shower.


  • Allow some time at the beginning of the call for your guests to have a chat and navigate the video call functions. Can they all see and hear you and each other and do they know how to mute their microphone so you can explain the games?
  • Make sure there is nothing in the background that you don’t want people to see. (i.e don't leave your big pregnancy pants drying on the radiator behind you)
  • Ask everyone to have a piece of paper and a pen ready so they can record their answers and keep a tally of the score as you go through.