Founded by myself, a mum of three and military wife Harriet Westcott, Cover Me Baby is my fourth child. Our multi-use cover, the ‘Cover Me’, is the first multi-use baby cover to be made and designed in the UK. My product was created following years of personal frustration at the many items parents have to carry and the lack of products that have multiple uses.

Whilst living in the US, I noticed a number of women using breast feeding covers as car seat covers and was intrigued by the multi-use ability of the product. On my return to the UK and shortly after the birth of my third child, I tried to find the product I had seen in the US. 

Despite significant research I drew a blank, there was nothing on the market in the UK that had the multi-use ability I was after in the modern and sylish designs that I desired. I started to research my idea and drove my husband mad with all the ideas and possibilities.

One day, in the nicest possible way, he told me to stop talking about it or do something about it. My grandmother also reminded me that from a young age I was known for saying ‘I’ll do it’. So, driven by a desire to find a solution not only for myself but other parents and a determination to ‘do something about it’, I decided that the only option was to create the product myself, and so in late 2018 Cover Me Baby was born! 

Running a business and being a mum to three rascals (with a husband who is a frequently deployed overseas) is a challenge. However this business is a run by a mum for mums with the knowledge and understanding of what you need to make your life just a little easier.

The company is built on three main principles: 

  • To make products in the UK to support British manufacturing
  • To create genuinely useful baby products that make parents live’s easier
  • To support and inspire other mums

I never thought I would be running my own business as a military mum of three, but the passion I have for this product and the difference I believe it can make has given me such determination and drive. I genuinely believe that the ‘Cover Me’ can make such a difference to parents lives, and I hope to make those always bursting baby bags just that little bit lighter.


Harriet X