What are your covers made from?

They are made from a super stretchy Oeko-Tex cotton and elastane. This means that no nasty chemicals are used in the dying process making them safe for you and baby.

Where are your covers made?

Our covers are made in the UK.  We wanted to create a product that would not only support British manufacturing but also reduce air miles. We care passionately about the environment and want to preserve if for our children.

'I thought you weren't supposed to a cover a car seat?'

There is some advice out there that recommends not covering a car seat or pushchair due to the risk of your baby overheating. Our covers are designed with a large hole in the middle of them so that they are only partially cover the car seat or pushchair. This allows you to see your baby at all time sand for air flow to get to the baby.

The cover can be placed safely over a car seat or pushchair when out and about to protect your little one from bad weather, unwanted touch and encourage nap times on the go. The cover must be removed when the car seat is placed in a vehicle.

What size at the covers?

Our covers are made from a super stretchy cotton to fit all body shapes. They are 71 cm wide and 68cm long. The neck width is 35cm.